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Life’s too short for boring spaces! Founded 2011, led by @monique__woodward @andrebonnice @scottwoodwardz 420 Rathdowne St Carlton North VIC Australia

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Industrial chic #WOWOWALightWarrior Richmond warehouse reimagining for a company w hearts of 💛 #WOWOWA CA @jean_marie_

4 days ago
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Delicious terracotta, marble & Marblo laundry details at #WOWOWAKeano 🍬Just more goodness for our eventual #WOWOWAWetAreas publication📕 #WOWOWA CA @zoediac Photography by @gemmola styling @ruthwelsby

4 days ago
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#WOWOWAilDuomo on @thedesignfiles today!!!! 🙏🏼Bathroom & laundry combo party, lovingly part of our #WOWOWAWetAreas series 💕💚 #TDF #WOWOWA

thedesignfiles Just so good!! 👌🏻

2 weeks ago
just now
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#WOWOWIlDuomo announced as a Finalist in inaugural @thedesignfiles Design Awards!!! 📸 @gemmola styles by @ruthwelsby Project Architect @zoediac #WOWOWA #thedesignfiles 🥳 tiny project packing a punch 🥊

3 weeks ago
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Doing beautiful work is the price of entry to these discussions. Aesthetics WITH Ethics was the ‘Collective Agency’ National AIA Conference contention. For too long much good architecture has been silently complicit in upholding the status quo - time for broader diversity, new kinds of leaders, new perspectives & louder voices. Starting with the question “whose Country are you on?” @sarahlynnrees Photographer credit Richard O’Leary @institute_architects_aus Co-curated by #WOWOWA @monique__woodward & #StephenChoi Thx to everyone who contributed ‘twas awesome!! Xx #collectiveagency2019

4 weeks ago
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Jazzy #WOWOWAModoPento dining & kitchen space working hard to bring back the original modernist detailing of this gem of a penthouse in St Kilda 📸 @gemmola styled @ruthwelsby Project Architect @jean_marie_ #WOWOWA

5 weeks ago
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Loving this new 📸 by @zanwimberley of our installation Fishbowl housing @eugeniuslim incredible work #theaustralianugliness #TAU #WOWOWA A traveling show is a good show!! 💛 Currently shortlisted @drivenxdesign Awards

modernister This is such a brilliant project.

last month
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Loved this @blk.zk pic so much of #wowowamerricreekhouse we had to post!! Built by @atmabuilders & waiting for @samcoxlandscape to grow in. Yum yum yum 🍩🍩 #WOWOWA

last month
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Such an incredible opportunity to workshop #collectiveagency2019 with conference captains (minus Perth crew sorry.. @post_architecture) Thx everyone for coming @andy_fergus @_timothymoore @kerstin_thompson_architects @taniadavidge @shelleyjpenn @institute_architects_aus & hosting @clarecousins SOOOO excited!!!!!!!!

May 2019
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WOWOWA becomes more grass roots than usual: NGWOW site becomes a park 🌱As much as everyone loved the colourful optimism of #NGWOW & as excited as we were to contribute to the Village, giving up our site offered too good an opportunity for the community of @morelandcouncil. . The new park consolidates seven sites in West & Breese St, Brunswick creating a new 2,600m2 public park Nth of #NightingaleVillage . Although it's a bitter sweet moment for us we don't see this as a full stop, hopefully NGWOW can find a new home on a new site soon!! We loved the collaboration with @breathearchitecture and it was an incredible experience working with the other powerhouse architects involved in @nightingale.housing . Thanks to the whole #WOWOWA team (posing next to the NGWOW site like champions) x

May 2019
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So humbled & excited to be featured on @thedesignfiles today, it’s been a real dream of ours so we’re winning at life!! #WOWOWAKeano was a massive #WOWOWA team effort so just wanna say bravo to @zoediac @jean_marie_ @nikitabhopti__ @isobelmoy @scottwoodwardz @andrebonnice @sj_exner @monique__woodward Built by @moon_building_group 📸 @gemmola @ruthwelsby A fab collaboration w our incredible clients of course!! 🙏🏼💕

thedesignfiles Um we feel so LUCKY to feature this amazingggg project! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

April 2019
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Joyful #WOWOWAilDuomo kitchen, dining & terrazzo terrace space all working hard to maximize the feeling of space on this tiny urban block. A Medici feast set upon the table #WOWOWA CA @zoediac

April 2019
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Our fancy licorice allsorts coloured & mirrored footy club bathrooms at #WOWOWAKPSC shot by @johngollings 🍭#WOWOWA party!!!

April 2019
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Foy-yay at #WOWOWAKeano a sweet little warehouse reno for some amazing clients, built by @moon_building_group CA @zoediac 🧡 #WOWOWA

April 2019
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5:30pm tomo @monique__woodward will be representing @yarrapools at @cityofmelbourne Future Melbourne Committee hearing discussing the Draft City River Strategy. Our vision is not a design, a project or a development proposal. We are, and have always been, extremely keen to partner with the CoM on this exciting pilot citizen lead public initiative ‘towards a swimmable river’ having already been co-curated with over 35 key stakeholders including Traditional Owners, several key community, recreational, environmental and economic groups. We want to share our extensive research including the findings of Stage 1 of our Business Case. Our interests are in complete alignment! Exciting times for #YarraPools #WOWOWA

April 2019
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Sunday morning Stephen Crafti tour of #WOWOWAMerriCreekHouse So delighted to be involved. The two turrets and back deconstructed silo were inspired by the surrounding waterfall cream brick homes & farm relics: #WOWOWAGeoRelic Thx to @atmabuilders for being incredible builders. Can’t wait for the lovely @samcoxlandscape garden to grow!! #WOWOWA

April 2019
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#WOWOWATigerPrawn on @archdaily today. Fancy brick facade to the back of this Victorian Terrace reminded us of ‘Janus’ the Roman god of beginnings, transitions, time and duality - depicted with two faces, so he could look to the future and to the past. We thought this duality of past and present, front and back was a good driver for the project. #WOWOWA

April 2019
just now
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Sexy #WOWOWAilDuomo shower. Will star in future self published book WOWOWA’s Wet Areas 🧜‍♀️ Photography by @gemmola styled @ruthwelsby Built by LaTrobe Building Services #WOWOWAwetAreas #WOWOWA CA @zoediac

April 2019
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