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@samchapman & @ryanandrewsdirector Only showing the tidy bits of our life in Norfolk.

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just now
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Absolute love of my life, this one. ❤️ FYI, I’ve archived all personal posts from my makeup page. It makes more sense to have family photos here and not mixed in with work stuff. Xxx

4 days ago
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The light in this apartment is mood lifting. 😍

1 weeks ago
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Coffee table details Candle from @wijck.prints @workingtitle_norwich Books @waterstones Ghosts @studioarhoj Plant @botanical_norwich Table @grahamandgreen Cushions @houseofhackney

_missjo_x_ Ooh I love art books on a coffee table! I’ve got a beautiful Erte one on mine along with numerous other art history books. Oh and candles are a must! Love yours and nic’s home posts. 😍

2 weeks ago
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@cattojojo on the patrol.

2 weeks ago
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A home within a home. Welcome Larry and Spoon the family tortoises. Looks pretty damn cozy. 🐢🐢

modelrecommends Is that their solarium in the top of the desk tho

2 weeks ago
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We are getting there. Flowers @notcuttsuk Planters @bandq_uk Yuccas @norfolkoliveco All furniture @johnlewisandpartners Ryan, I am going to buy a rug. Don’t try to stop me! FYI: the tower on the left is Ryan’s office where the banana tree lives. (See previous picture)

3 weeks ago
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I think I might have gone a little overboard with the banana tree in my office. Banana tree from @norfolkoliveco

3 weeks ago
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Well this isn’t going to help my hay fever 🤧 @notcuttsuk

3 weeks ago
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We started the top deck today. Thanks @aplaceinnorfolk for giving us your old @johnlewisandpartners garden furniture. 🙌 Off to the garden centre again tomorrow for plants and coffee. #thissoberlife

3 weeks ago
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Off to get some new plant pots. Plants from @root_houseplants Table @grahamandgreen Chair @threemagdalenstreet

schapman680 Sam what have u and Nic turned into?!?!? Plant women!!!

samchapman @schapman680 i’ve given up drinking alcohol 🤷🏻‍♀️

4 weeks ago
just now
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We’re back home to a leaking roof due to the 7ft of British rain that have fallen in the last 48hrs. 🇬🇧 🌧👍🏻 #blighty

last month
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We’re having the loveliest time @sunrockssantorini #firostefani

last month
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Quite happy about my current situation. @sunrockssantorini

last month
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Welcome to Norwich. #norwich #norfolkbroads

modelrecommends AHA!!!!!

last month
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G Plan fifty-five Sofa from @johnlewisandpartners in Cactus Green velvet Rug @orientalrugsofnorwich Mirrored side table @johnlewisandpartners Sideboard @madedotcom Mirror with lights @hollywoodmirrors Cushions @houseofhackney Sarcasm = Ryan’s own #norwich #norwichlanes #lifeinafinecity

johnlewisandpartners Oh yes! Great choice! - Matthew

May 2019
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TeEnAgE bEdRoOm Lily’s current room layout. She moves it around 15,000 times a year. The sofa is made by Sits and bought from @thegranarynorwich It used to be in my living room but Lily blagged it in a moment of weakness so now it lives here (perfect for sleepovers). The @johnlewisandpartners bedding was bought for my bed last month. The @johnlewisandpartners chair was in my office. The rugs were from the spare bedroom. The side tables were in the living room. Basically Lily has carefully curated her bedroom by tea-leafing from all the other rooms in the apartment. 🤣 Cushions @berrysandgrey Shelves @futoncompany TV bed @dreams_beds

samchapman @donnabarrett_mua i’m honestly so lucky. Ollie on the other hand takes messy to the next level.

johnlewisandpartners @theapartmentedit Looks amazing! 😘 - Gina

May 2019
just now
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These pots are from @jarroldnorwich Most of my plants are from @theplantdennorwich and all of these ones are real, would you believe! Outside furniture is from @johnlewisandpartners i’m supposed to cover it during the winter but I never do and it’s still as good at new. 😬🤞

May 2019
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Reflecting light and fingerprints all day long. 💫 🖐 Cushions @houseofhackney Sofa @jarroldnorwich Coffee table @grahamandgreen TV and TV stand @johnlewisandpartners Holo candle @overoseparis

May 2019
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