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Digital Artist & Photographer Everything you can imagine is real | #jstnptrs

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Selenophile🌕 Comment moon emojies for a story shoutout!

xmuratakyol Awesome bro🔥

photified Amazing work bro 👌🙌

2 weeks ago
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Take your work to new heights✨ I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for all my works on a daily basis. If you want to try out @adobecreativecloud for yourself, click the link in my bio and get 40% off on the entire collection of creative apps until July 8th! #adobepartner #ad • • • • • #milliondollarvisuals #beautifuldestinations #way2ill #hubs_united #agameoftones #enter_imagination #launchdsigns #artshub #theuniversalart #createcommune #dailyart #pr0ject_uno #thegraphicspr0ject #gramslayers #heatercentral #moodygrams #ourmoodydays #shotzdelight #expofilm #imaginative_universe #eclectic_shotz #spacewheel #artofvisuals #weekly_feature #fatalframes #visualambassadors #photoshop #manipulationteam

vonwong So goof

xmuratakyol Amazing work man 🔥

3 weeks ago
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Place of calm🍃 I need a break from all the noise. I want to breathe clean air and swim in clean water. I want to sit on the porch of an old cabin and listen to the stillness. I want to be out where things are simple and every breath is a reminder that there is beauty and magic left in this world✨

xmuratakyol So beautiful work bro 😍🙌

photified Dude this is one of my favs you've done 😮😮😮

last month
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Which one is your favorite? Tag 3 or more of some talented people you know in the comments. Rather they‘re artists, photographers, music producers, actors, writers or just your friends that are giving their best every day to fulfill their dreams. Let‘s keep them encouraged, show each other some love and support them, so many people wanna quit because things aren‘t happening as fast as they want them to. Keep them inspired and motivated, I‘ll take a look at everyone‘s profile and work, thanks!✨

vonwong Love this!

vonwong First one is my favorite!

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Which one is your favourite? This is a series of works from late 2017. — How do I get inspiration? I find inspiration in nearly everything, from things surrounding me and the everyday life. From nature itself, video games and movies. Music was always a big part of my life and I can take inspiration from it. What I often do is to just search for quotes for specific themes. Printerest and other artists for an example on Instagram but especially surreal painters like Dali and others. As my work is based on mostly combining two elements I create mindmaps or lists, I write down the main object I want to use and add every element I could combine it with then. What inspires you?

azar.cover Nice

bichtyler1 😍😍

last month
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Which one is your favorite? This is a series of some edits from early 2017 that I‘ve already deleted from my feed before I knew you could archive your posts lol. Many people asked me yesterday how I find inspiration and how is it possible to build up something like a business through your work. I‘ll take a few posts and stories to talk about that in general. Send me a dm if you have any questions related to that. — In the beginning of 2017 I had around 20k followers and was heavily influenced by well known german digital artist Robert Jahns (@nois7) before I really got into the mindset on what could be my style and asking myself on what am I aiming for, what do I like or what are my goals and what could be possible on this plattform usw... — A big part of finding my own style that I like after I got into that mindset was to take inspiration and ideas from everywhere I could get some. Surrealism and minimalism was always interesting for me so I took uncountable hours besides working in Photoshop, in searching for art and photography pictures related to these themes in Google and scrolling through Printerest. Through that I got an idea of what picture styles I like and could go for and which not. — Don‘t be afraid to use or „copy“ ideas from others, this is what every artist does and this is what art is take inspiration from and being influenced by it as long as you take it to transform it into something new, hopefully into yours. Take it as a part of trying and learning, it will help you to find your style of how you want to composite your objects, how you want to use colors and how you have to edit your pictures in general to achieve a specific look you‘re aiming for. — The line between just taking inspiration and actually stealing something from another artist is really thin and the disscussion about that topic is endless. Try to take the inspiration to transform it into yours and built your own story around your works. More with the next post😋 Feel free to send me every question you have!

xmuratakyol So amazing ❤🙌

last month
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Travel, like dreams, is a door that opens from the real world into a world that is yet to be discovered✨ Inspired by @xmuratakyol

photified Super cool one brother🔥🔥

asenseofhuber Really sick work! 😍✨

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