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📍switzerland 🇨🇭🇧🇷 | 25 | student uzh mod @archi_unlimited architecture | fine art

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City Lounge - Red Square in St. Gallen Urban design by artist Pipilotti Rist and architect Carlos Martinez. 2004-2011. Covered by a red carpet the place is embellished by large overhead light bubbles to create the feeling of a large lounge. My friend calls the bubbles ‘flying marshmallows’.. Raiffeisen Bank by Bruno Clerici, 2002, painted with the Rolls-Royce color palette by the Swiss artist Olivier Mosset.

6 days ago
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Tverrfjellhytta, Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion by Snøhetta @snohetta  2009-2011. Winner of the „World Building of the Year“ in 2011 and other awards. From there you can watch musk ox, reindeers or just enjoy the beautiful Dovrefjell mountain range. Keep in mind that it‘s only open between June and October if you plan to visit it.

stoptheroc Amazing! 😍 I would love to visit it some day!

2 weeks ago
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WU Vienna Campus by Atelier Hitoshi Abe, 2013 @atelier_hitoshi_abe

stoptheroc Beautiful capture! 😍

2 weeks ago
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JTI headquarters in Geneva by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) @skidmoreowingsmerrill, completed in 2015.

3 weeks ago
just now
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MFO-Park in Oerlikon. Burckhardt + Partner (@burckhardtpartner) & Raderschallpartner 2001-2002 A public park that took one of the former Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon (MFO) building’s footprint (100m x 35m x 17m). Its steel-framed construction is covered by trellis and climbing plants.

4 weeks ago
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Messe Basel | 2010-2013 | @herzogdemeuron

stoptheroc Fantastic curve! 😍

4 weeks ago
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Chipperfield’s Museo delle Culture in Milan. 2000-2015. @david.chipperfield @mudecmi

5 weeks ago
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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Whether you agree or not, this is one of my favourite chairs, the Eames Armchair, designed by Ray and Charles Eames, 1950.

stoptheroc Excellent design! 🙌🏼

last month
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Ellipses. Residential Building Zug Schleife by Valerio Olgiati, @valerioolgiati 2010-2012. Red-brown concrete.

last month
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A staircase in Zurich. Thanks to @scientistsusann for taking the stairs, and to @lerichti for this exciting gem.

stoptheroc Absolutely awesome shot! Love it 😍

last month
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Red Cap Kunstmuseum Basel - Christ & Gantenbein 2010-2016 @christgantenbein

last month
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DC Tower 1, Dominique Perrault, 2010-2013. With a height of 220m it is Austria‘s tallest skyscraper. @dominiqueperrault

last month
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fhnw muttenz, pool architekten, 2014-2018 @poolarchitekten

stoptheroc Breathtaking! 🙌🏼

May 2019
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Garden Tower, Buchner Bründler Architekten, 2014-2016. The 16-storey housing complex has a height of 53m and many plants.🌱

stoptheroc Splendid! 💚

May 2019
just now
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less is more (also true for focal lengths 😁) Staircase inside the Kollegienhaus at the University of Basel. 1937-1939, Roland Rohn.

morpholio Wow. Brilliant.

stoptheroc Incredibly clean! 🙌🏼😍

May 2019
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one of my favorite buildings in zurich. manuel herz‘s ballet mécanique. completed in 2017. (@manuel.herz) notice the triangular louvers, which give the building a dynamic character, and when fully open become accessible balconies. since i took this one during the open house zurich, september 2018 (and it‘s usually not accessible) the light conditions were not ideal. usually i like to visit a building multiple times to get the light right, which was not possible here. but it turned out alright i think.

May 2019
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Edgar et Danièle de Picciotto Student House for the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. 2008-2012 by Lacroix Chessex Architects. (@lacroixchessex)

stoptheroc Impressive! 🙌🏼

May 2019
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Sitting or standing inside. Tadao Ando’s Conference Pavilion, 1993, and also his first building outside Japan.

April 2019
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