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Menswear Blogger since '08. A Cult Classic 🇵🇭🇺🇸. Global Ambassador for @sebmanofficial. Business Inquiries:

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SWIPE IT. Just a couple of beach folks enjoying/hating this weather. It’s hot out there! Keep cool. #scenestobeseen. #fashionblogger #streetstyle #cinematography #wesanderson #blogger #beach. Shot by @danielbrittain_.

erickhercules Gucci campaign level

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The 90s raised me. What about you? SWIPE TO SEE MORE. #scenestobeseen. Shot by @erickhercules. #bestofstreetwear #fashionblogger #streetstyle #nike #hypebeast #photography.

erickhercules 🙏🏼🏆🙏🏼

igeeokafor 90s crush.

3 days ago
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With this beard, I am now your brown Keanu, Juan Wick. SWIPE AWAY. #keanureeves #fashionblogger #cowboy #scenestobeseen.

isaaclikes_ You’re welcome ❤️

igeeokafor Yummy.

5 days ago
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Didn’t y’all know I’m a time traveler? I age backwards like Benjamin Buttons. Haha. This is so dope to see yourself like this. I look like Mr.Miyagi mixed with Yohji Yamamoto lol. I can’t wait. This made my day. #faceAPP #fashionblogger #scenestobeseen.

isaaclikes_ Wow you look so Māori here

mensstylepro The last shot is pretty much you in 20 years

6 days ago
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PLEASE READ. Here’s some real content. About these ICE raids: I wish people would learn the other side of these stories. I grew up undocumented and I was scared, ashamed, embarrassed, felt like an outsider, depressed, stuck. I was fortunate enough to have met people who helped me along the way because I don’t think I would be here right now if it wasn’t for those people. I wish people would help more and understand why people are in these situations. We didn’t choose this life. I couldn’t go to college or find work for the longest time. I struggled to get where I am and I’ve always used my platform to inspire people like me. That’s why I am so passionate about being a blogger. It’s not a joke to me. Understand that everyone has an opportunity to be somebody as long as they are given a shot. I am who I am now because of this and I will fight for the people that deserve to live, not in fear but in acceptance. #immigration #daca #dreamact #undocumented #love #peace #photography #portrait #fashionblogger #scenestobeseen. Shot by @gregpallante.

erickhercules You are truly a visionary brother. Thanks for standing up for what is right 🙏🏼🏆

6 days ago
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A couple of years ago, my style was very much in tune with suiting and over accessorizing but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that less is more. Don’t get me wrong! I still love prints and pop of colors but I prefer it in a more subtle approach. It’s fun seeing your style evolution. I enjoy the growth in my style as I age in life. SWIPE TO SEE MORE. #scenestobeseen #vintage #friday #bestofstreetwear #dapper #gq.

igeeokafor Beautiful.

mensstylepro I’m still in love with these kicks

2 weeks ago
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READ ON! When I first arrived in the United States back in late 96, my step parents asked me what my hobby was...I told them I loved drawing. So by 4th grade, they enrolled me in one of those gifted and talented schools with different types of programs to excel your craft. There was music, gym and others but I chose art. I was always in my world and would always just create random things with my mind. My art teacher then was honestly one of the first people in my life to actually believe in me in anything. So it’s like I always wanted to make her proud with every art work I did and she would always push me to join competitions and I still remember the first time I ever won first place, she was the first one I told because I knew it would also mean so much to her as much it did to me. I really adored her. Well, anyways, high school happened and I kind of lost sight of drawing and painting but discovered a new form of art through style. I recently picked up painting again and just decided to do whatever I wanted so I painted this! It’s not the best but it does make me happy. Now I have it hung up in my apartment and will continue to make a series out of it! SWIPE TO SEE THE PAINTING! #scenestobeseen #art #cats #painting #catsofinstagram.

aniab hehe its so good. i love it 🎨

erickhercules 🏆🏆🏆

2 weeks ago
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I have long hair and it’s tough to maintain during summer time but all you really need are the right products to keep you looking fly and funky like you’re straight from the 70s. All I needed was just a touch of @sebmanofficial “ The Fixer “ hairspray to top it all off. SWIPE TO SEE IT. #undefinable #sebman #scenestobeseen.

sebmanofficial The 70s were definitely a vibe 😎🙌

2 weeks ago
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So have y’all seen @midsommarmovie yet? Because I did a thing and you should SWIPE IT TO SEE IT. Drink the kool aid and join me. #scenestobeseen #midsommar. #pursuitofportraits #fashionblogger #cult #streetstyle #streetwear #bestofstreetwear.

isaaclikes_ Virgin suicides!!!!

2 weeks ago
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isaaclikes_ Call me anything you like

isaaclikes_ Just please call me 🥺

3 weeks ago
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Picture this! How about we all start lifting each other up rather than one upping each other. Let’s all create together! Thank you to my brother @erickhercules for capturing this shot! #welevitate #scenestobeseen. #fashionblogger #streetwear #bestofstreetwear #converse #fourthofjuly.

isaaclikes_ This is so fresh

sebmanofficial When you’re trying to get your mom’s attention while she’s on the phone 😂🔥

3 weeks ago
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How to wear all black 101 during the summer time. Looser shirts and pants. Let it breathe! #scenestobeseen. #pursuitofportraits #bestofstreetwear #streetstyle #streetwear #nyc #la.

3 weeks ago
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