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Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you... . #sunnyberlin #kreuzkölln #vernderedeineperspektive #silhouette_creative #mobilephotography #huaweip9

thomas_k Sehr gut erwischt 🤓👌

January 2018
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2018 - a new chapter in life waiting to be written. . Hope you all had a peaceful and nice first day? Don't forget: every time you tear a leaf off a calender, you present a new place for new ideas and progress. (Charles Kettering) I wish you all the best in 2018! 😊🍾✨ . #officialfanofberlin #ihavethisthingwithberlin #iloveberlin #outofthephone #galaxys8plus #mobilephotography #smartphonepics

January 2018
just now
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Waiting for a re-start... . 2017 has been a very interesting year for me so far. I have met very creative people, learned a lot about art and photography and had so much fun with @officialfanofberlin! 🤗 Thank you so much for your support, my friends! 🙏🏼😊🌟 I wish you all a peaceful start into a very happy new year!! 🎆 🎇 🥂 #goodbye2017 #2018herewecome #whpresolutions2018 #officialfanofberlin #thattoweragain #telespargel #berlinberlin

December 2017
just now
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No caption needed 🌀 #jj_mobilephotography #outofthephone #huaweip9 #vernderedeineperspektive #officialfanofberlin

December 2017
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Catch me if you can... w/ @objektiver

December 2017
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Well done Christmas. Now bring on New Years. #merrychristmas #2018herewecome

December 2017
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Only two more sleeps until... ✨ ✨ ✨ . #jj_mobilephotography #outofthephone #huaweip9 #vernderedeineperspektive #exploretocreate

thomas_k Wow sieht mega aus 😍🙌

December 2017
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Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. - Mark Twain Take the last chance to visit the old Willner brewery! 48 hours, @lostartfestival, 15.-17.12.17 A big thanks to Clara Cremer and her crew for the private viewing!

thomas_k Sehr cool Mina 😍🙌

December 2017
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Still waters run deep. Since 1974 the #Umlauftank 2 (UT2), a circulating tank designed by Ludwig Leo, resides dramatically in form, function and colour in Berlin’s centre. The UT2 meanders between industrial building, machine and scientific device. After many years of almost imminent decay, the #wuestenrotstiftung, a non-profit foundation, included the UT2 in its preservation program. 3300 tons of water are set in motion up to a flow rate of 10 meters per second! A big thanks to @artefakt_berlin and @wuestenrotstiftung for a fantastic Instawalk!

November 2017
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A royal view... Charlottenburg Schloss is the largest palace in Berlin. It was built at the end of the 17th century by Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Friedrich III, Elector of Brandenburg. It includes much internal decoration in baroque and rococo styles. A big thank you to @spsgmuseum and @bundeskultur for the great evening in an empty castle. For more pics #instawalkSPSG

November 2017
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Life is a series of steps... #officialfanofberlin meets #igersnürnberg #berlinmeetsnbg end of series 3/3

November 2017
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long way of history... The unfinished Congress Hall, designed to hold 50,000 people, houses the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds. A stake fashioned from steel and glass, it provides a striking contemporary architectural counterpoint. Covering 13,000 square metres, the permanent exhibition "Fascination and Terror" looks at the causes, the context and the consequences of the National Socialist regime of terror. A big thanks to @igers_nuernberg, @huggynbg and @hotel_victoria_nuernberg for a very interesting and hospitable weekend! #berlinmeetsnbg

November 2017
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At some point everything's gonna be over #autumnisokay #bigcitylights #ontheroofs #officialfanofberlin

November 2017
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