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I'm not sure if straight railway tracks were build for faster transportation or for Instagram.

2 weeks ago
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Golden hour

2 weeks ago
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Beneath a blackened steel sky. . #tangledfx#mextures#flipperapp#artstudio#snapseed

3 weeks ago
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Double-tap to get the stairs to move.

last month
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Am I inspired by @genyvb or do I just blatantly copy her with this picture...? 🤔😉

last month
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I wanted to get a really nice clean shot of the flag... and then suddenly all these people turned up... #photobombingtheflag

last month
just now
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... only God knows when I took this picture ...

last month
just now
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Damn, I should have put a clever caption about Plato's cave allegory... but I forgot.

May 2019
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💥hidden IG achievement unlocked💥: "Don't post for 1000 days!" Reward: "You're now ad-free for 1000 days!" (… yeah, right.)

May 2019
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. Last week our therapist at ACE told me to try to post another shot. “Do a fockin' vanishing point” he encouraged me. I was so nervous the day when I tried to get a vanishing point shot… I really needed a drink to calm myself down. Two of my best friends helped me and drank with me that night. After a while at 4am we managed to get to the Old Elbtunnel to try to get a shot. Since I wasn’t able to hold my phone straight anymore, I had to lay down on the floor to get a leveled shot. But I think it still works as a low angle. I'm so nervous.

August 2016
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One morning I woke up and had the urgent desire to post cat pictures. That day I knew I had to stop using Instagram. I went to ACE (Anonymous Cat Extroverts), which helped me to confront my new unsettling feelings. Now, after months gone by, our therapist told me I should try to post "some fockin' lines", as he puts it. So, well, here it is. I'm so nervous.

July 2016
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Ah, kinda annoying that IG now crops... more

October 2015
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October 2015
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Hidden IG feature: double-tap to flip the image. . (no edit, no filter)

October 2015
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Happy Friday, well, Wednesday! Today is week 169 of our #WickedFlipItFridaysCollab. It's been a wicked ride, but we've decided to take a indefinite break. A big thank you to all those who participated in our weekly edits and those who've supported this project since the beginning. Keep an eye on the #wickedflipitfridayscollab tag and feel free to use it for your own collab submissions. ______________________________________ Original image by @ivanvega This week: #WickedFlipitFridaysCollab_169 ______________________________________ Edited by: @gabrieltiranti @ivanvega @v14zco @khalil_arc @paucardoso @analog_appearance @view.finder @theycallmemrjoyce @simirani @s__i__m__e @dawido @abelperezgram @sollylevi @el9th @fo.lar ______________________________________ Wicked Flip It Fridays Collab is a combination of #wickedflip (by @gabrieltiranti) & #flipitfriday (by @ivanvega) ______________________________________ To see more #wickedflip's, follow @wickedflip & tag #wickedflip for your chance to be featured! ______________________________________ Thanks again for your support! Have a fantastic weekend!

September 2015
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Into the light... obviously. . (MRRW, Snapseed, IG tools)

September 2015
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another lazy repost from my EyeEm account 😉 . (can't remember, but Tangled FX, Snapseed, IG tools, etc)

September 2015
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