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Somehow what was supposed to be a rest day became the biggest hike of the season so far. Couple of lakes, a light scramble, 20km, and a whopping 1800 m of elevation gain made for a long day and sore feet! #choosemountains #whyihike #vancouverhikes #staywild #exploreyourplayground #explorebc #hikingculture #hikingaddict #beautifulbc

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[Werbung/ad] 🌲 „Geh hinaus in den Wald, geh hinaus. Wenn du nicht hinaus in den Wald gehst, wird dir nie etwas passieren, und dein Leben wird nie beginnen. Geh hinaus in den Wald, geh hinaus. 🐺 - Vergiss nicht, es gibt nur eine Frage, die zu stellen sich lohnt, Wo ist die Seele?“ (aus Die Wimper des Wolfes von C.P.Estés) Wir alle sind von einer Sehnsucht nach wilder Ursprünglichkeit erfüllt. Die Schatten der Wildnis verfolgen uns bei Tag und auch bei Nacht. Deswegen suchen wir das Abenteuer... um unsere Seelen, unsere Urinstinkte freizusetzen. Und die inneren und äußeren Naturgewalten zu versinnbildlichen. 🏔 . . #puremountain #berghasen #wilderness #mountainstories #indebergbinigern #bergliebe #abenteuermdchen #weroamaustria #wandern #hiking #bealpine #alpinism #staywild #outdoorslife #folkscenery #folkgreen #alpinelakes #catchmeoutside #ifyoucandreamityoucandoit #königssee #berchtesgaden #meinbgl #natureismytherapy #whyihike #takemoreadventures #timetoplay #likeamountaingirl #augenblickberg

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Todays adventure was definitely one for the books! 🌲 We drove a couple hours down some back roads for some completely private hiking. We walked about 3 miles into #PikeNationalForest before we noticed the clouds starting to churn above us and thunder rumbling in the distance. Jaden and I decided to turn around JUST BEFORE we reached our destination, which is always a letdown to not finish the trail. But I never regret picking our safety first, and it’s good thing we did, because as we began our journey back to the car, the sky opened up with rain and lighting right on our heels. It felt so close that I swear you could hear the electricity traveling in the clouds as each stroke of lightening lit up the valleys around us (and Jaden’s #1 fear? Lightening 😬) It was a scary 3 miles practically running back to safety. By the time we reached the car our legs were jello and we were soaked and exhausted. Although we always get better at hiking each time we go out, the mountains will usually prove us to be slightly unprepared in some form or fashion, and today was no exception!

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Sedona during the summer is like a beautiful Garden of Eden...

jonathanglica @aztravelgirl it definitely does! I highly recommend it. It's my favorite trail in AZ 😁

aztravelgirl @jonathanglica wow! High praise! Can’t wait to check it out!

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When I was little, when my grandparents were still alive and acted as the glue of our little family, my grandma had this ring of pine trees in the side yard with one little opening. Being an only child and often playing alone, I would go in there and pretend I lived in the forest. I was in awe of the inside of these pine trees, as if stepping through the opening was entering a new world, where all things magical existed and nothing was out of the realm of possibility. I would go in there and sit on the ground, looking up and carefully studying the branches, the needles, how they swooped up and up, how they were sometimes laced together, or sometimes barely touching yet so close, as if they wanted to but just couldn’t quite reach. It was my own private world, one where I’d dream of what my life would be like one day. Of course then I probably believed it would include fairies and little pine tree homes in forests ;) How often do we, as adults, let ourselves find that inner child? How often do we marvel at the mundane, or study something beautiful that we take for granted every day? Lately I find myself craving balance and peace more than anything. Maybe a piece of me needs that childlike wonder again. Maybe a piece of you needs it, too x dream big babes, and don’t forget about the magic that always surrounds you. It’s there, if you choose to see it 💕 . . . #magic #pnw #pnwonderland #olympicpeninsula #talltalltrees #pine #pinetrees #treecanopy #nature #neature #optoutside #exploremore #childlikewonder #seethemagic #balance #washingtonstate #washington #whyihike #connect #innerchild #letsplay #letsdream #innerpeace #positivevibes #soulfood #feedyoursoul #getoutside #letshike #darlingletsbeadventurers

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Whenever I see a trail, I get an immediate dose of calm and excitement, and I always have. I think it’s the promise of exploration combined with the expectation of being guided by the ground and always knowing my way. Lately, I’ve been bushwhacking my way through life and constantly questioning the way forward. But you know, I still manage to find beautiful things/people/moments every single day. Or maybe they’re finding me.

selinamcneill ❤️❤️

vwbusventures Gotta love flowers 😊

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You ever take a picture where you look good, but your friend wasn’t paying attention to the camera and you feel bad for using the pic or cropping them out cus they’re your bff? Well my bff is my dog and he will totally understand why he didn’t make the cut in this new profile pic 😉

justthetwo_ wonderful😍🤩 beautiful vision! do follow @anunaysood to get featured💖

vwbusventures Cute 😊

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Sometimes your buddy wants to bring a guitar and while that seems like extra weight, the tune at the top makes it worth it. A night spent sleeping in a cloud, a night in which we stayed dry by sleeping in my @eddiebauer Stargazer; wishing we could see the stars. We laughed about the memories we’ll always have. When we woke up, we realized we’d always have this morning. A morning of clearing skies and a view of Saint Helens that never came clear. After hiking up in the dark and consistently questioning whether we’d be best heading back to the car, our plans never came to fruition. We laughed because after all of the questions, we pushed through, we made it to where we had promised to spend the night, despite nothing else being the way we had expected. We laughed because nothing was as planned. It’s always more than alright, leaving a place with a reason to return. Despite the challenges and the “disappointment” we found a way to laugh about it. Charlie found a way to pull the guitar out at the top and, by being prepared by packing the best gear, we were still dry. Things can always be worse, and while the mountain might always choose to hide, the times with good company will trump everything else. These are reasons as to #whyihike and believe in something special happening. No matter the forecast; no matter the outcome. Life is best in the backcountry; best where notifications of reality can’t reach us. Best where we can just enjoy breathing in whatever type of air the day chooses to allow us to have. The stars will be there next time, that’s cool, but no matter the circumstances, this day was worth more than everything. #liveyouradventure | #ebcontributor

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Epic shot after epic shot from @nathanaelbillings #naturalakbeauty --- Camaraderie between friends... All the laughs, sweat, blood, and tears you share with the people you choose to go on adventures with. This is what matters, not the views or mountains but the bonds strengthened through some of your hardest times. When you’ve seen someone at their lowest and it doesn’t phase you one bit. This is what is truly irreplaceable and only found on a journey like this ✨ #WhyIHike @eddiebauer #ebcontributor #liveyouradventure

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You are now hiking with @brookewillson Hiking is something I love to do no matter where I go. It’s a great way to see places from a different perspective, and to get away from the busier crowd of people. I also love the conversation that comes with others while out hiking! The other day we hiked Wayna Picchu mountain and took in a whole new view of Machu Picchu. Thanks @tarabyrne11 for helping me with this photo. Tara is a student pilot 👩🏼‍✈️ which I think is SO neat! One of my dream jobs would to be a helicopter pilot. I admire those who have a passion for flying, and taking on that career @eddiebauer #WhyIHike #ebcontributor #liveyouradventure * * I brought with me one backpack, the 30L Bygone and it’s been great not only for the hikes but for just the day to day touring and adventuring we have been doing around Peru. It’s also great for air travel - with its laptop compartment and all the other pockets! I have linked it in my stories! #freshairandfreedom

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just now
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let’s see how many strange tan lines I can accumulate! so far it’s a lot.

thecalebshore Did a rock take this picture too?

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The Triple Falls portion of Oneonta Creek in Mount Hood National Forest which is now inaccessible due to the damage caused by the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire - check the USDA Forest Service list of Columbia River Gorge Trail Closures before heading out (iPhone 5S) #Waterfall #Waterfalls #InstaFalls #InstaWaterfall #WaterfallsOfInstagram #InstaTravel #InstaNature #Oregon #PacificNorthwest #PNW #MountHood #MountHoodNationalForest #NationalForest #ChasingWaterfalls #ColumbiaRiverGorge #TripleFalls #OneontaCreek #OneontaGorge #Nature #NaturePhotography #WaterfallPhotography #WhyIHike #NorthwestAdventures #ExploringOregon #Hiking #Summer #HikingNorthwest

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Our first Oregon sunset 😍 #pct2019

sara_skipbo Beautiful! 😍

ms.carie Shew shew!!!

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