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just now
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Had a great time shooting with @sebastiaan_rodenhuis and (for a bit) @bas.hordijk yesterday. Me and Sebastiaan started off the day shooting someone in a starbucks up close for an uncomfortably long time, and Bas happened to sit in the corner of that same establishment, wondering what these idiots were doing before realizing it was us. Shooting with Sebastiaan is always a pleasure because we're equally obsessive and enhance both each other's social skills and shamelessnes, leading to closer and more daring shots while remaining respectful to our subjects. This was shot on a 35mm equivalent, and I'm definitely warming to wider close ups now. How do you find shooting with a fellow photographer? Does it help or limit you in what you do? . Lost in Translation . Leica M + 35/2.8

13 minutes ago
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dan.lages Stunning shot man

edgewood.edition @dan.lages thanks mate. Trusty iPhone! 😅

27 minutes ago
just now
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The fine art of jewelery.

filipal Jóia mesmo! Linda ✨

bnw_nebulae 🖤👌👌👌

30 minutes ago
just now
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Malem itu WB nya ganti-ganti, soalnya kualitas warna dan cahaya berbeda di masing-masing lokasi. #imho

ilanchez Niceeeeee! Greetings 👋 from the other side of the world 👋😃

nico_ji @ilanchez which world? I'm not from your world

46 minutes ago
just now
just now
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Hong Kong, 2018.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #streetweekly #nonstopstreet #streetoptimist #streetfinder #dreaminstreets

53 minutes ago
just now
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