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A second photo series, showing the more modern (and partly brutal) #Milan. 🇮🇹 ⠀ All shot smartphone-only with the #HuaweiP30Pro. Browse the other photos via #HFKgoesMilan. 🤳

bill_box Cool series 🖤

ehsaanrad Wow 👏🏻👌🏻😍

bearlin_pix Toll 👌😊Nr. 2 ist cool... ich mag aber auch das "Mondbild"

artur.szafa So interesting... Always think, that Milano is boring... I'm so stupid. Beautiful photos!

paolagre Amazing the way photography allows you to see 'common' things in a different light. Love your style!

michaldzikowski Hey Man, did you use pro mode or AI? Come to Warsaw, you can take there many awesome photos

bridda Mega gut 🔥

pdahv Love these.

luwalupis Excelente colaboración. 😍🤗 Just amazing

seb.urb Absolute Knaller 👍👍

cindilouhoo So cool

the.illustrative.journal The second one is my favorite

rodaaaan great ones mike!

rich__ Brilliant

ella_corazon Amazing photos 👏

clorindadp ❤️

nmastoras 💙👋🏻

supermarvsworld Wieder super eingefangen! Die haben ja echt eine wunderbare Architektur zu bieten! 👌 Das Fenster (?!) auf dem 3. Foto sieht ja echt crazy aus. 😁

Posted on 07/07/2019 16:12
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