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Happy birthday Kendra!!! Your kindness and selflessness are such a gift to the team 💚 Get to know Kendra: Fun facts: I love sewing and embroidery, hiking, biking, gardening, and reading! I have a cat named Peter. I'm in school to get my MSW and eventually do therapy with kids! What led you to Rise? I love working with kids (I'm also a nanny) and had to leave my youth services job at the library to start school. Luckily this lead me to Rise, where I've had a lot of fun learning to be a barista and practice baking ☺️

bethanylaustin Oh, Kendra. Absolute Perfection. ( @4000dlr_ham_npkn )

bwmhmd1829 لو تشوفي جمالي يوم صغير يهبل ضربوني بعين وسحر

Posted on 12/06/2019 18:27
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