thomniem Ya know I haven't ever seen Dave and keet in the same photo

kanavbhandari_ what did we vegans do to your dad? 😣

yayeet97 *vegetarians enter the chat*

ooooworm Vegans will eat your heart it’s the only meat they like

emilykaflinski So you just casually brush over the fact you went missing? Cool I guess

jaydenalyce this sounds like something ron swanson would do

strangerasyouknow Wait...vegans don’t drink milk?!

emmaa0h Why did you go missing

jasonwillruletheworld vegans are allergic to meat

u_are_not_gluten_free Is this an attack against vegans or bcause hes a potato

seeku_15 When you filter out the useless stuff on amazon

paarthurnuts Keith, exactly how many times did you go missing?

benningtonc_furstenfeldj @david8hughes He's recycling you bud

saigesmithfor3 Proud to have seen this tweet originated in the comments of @david8hughes’ post

bt @roomserviceandrose 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

nooreemoola @vsnewman “not those veejans!”

Posted on 15/05/2019 16:42
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