TeEnAgE bEdRoOm Lily’s current room layout. She moves it around 15,000 times a year. The sofa is made by Sits and bought from @thegranarynorwich It used to be in my living room but Lily blagged it in a moment of weakness so now it lives here (perfect for sleepovers). The @johnlewisandpartners bedding was bought for my bed last month. The @johnlewisandpartners chair was in my office. The rugs were from the spare bedroom. The side tables were in the living room. Basically Lily has carefully curated her bedroom by tea-leafing from all the other rooms in the apartment. 🤣 Cushions @berrysandgrey Shelves @futoncompany TV bed @dreams_beds

emmawilliamsfry This is exactly what my daughter does, a total sweep of the house to turn her room into a dream...while dumping stuff she doesn’t want in her sisters room! 😂

laurenblenks I would really love to know where you got those leaning shelves/desk please? I’ve been looking for exactly that, perfect for a small space!

louise_rigg01 Does Lily find the shelf useful for laptop work? I need something for a small space and this looks ideal with the extra storage space!

cliche_ish I spent 79% of my childhood rearranging my bedroom. Now that I'm grown up, I spend 77% of my time rearranging my makeup drawers and organizing my clothes by colour and hue. 🙈

kathryn_wiseman5 Perfect teenage hangout x

_amber______ That’s too funny! It looks great 💙

donnabarrett_mua Cor you’ve got a nice tidy teenage girl.. my room wasn’t such a nice scene! Haha.

geejocelyn I’m available if you were looking to adopt. LMK.

_th0rnberi 😂 Lmao at the your subject title!! Been following you and your sister for 11 years. I was 18 at the time and now I’m 29. I’m still such a big time supporter of you guys ❤️. I can’t believe how big Lily’s gotten 😭😭😭. Her room is a teenager’s dream! I had a blow up inflatable blue chair LOL.

ylilily_x You can’t deny she has a good eye putting this together from pieces throughout your apartment though! 😂

sundaydinner41 Clever 😄 (lucky 🤣) Lily!

69crispy I love the way you support Norwich retailers. 🙏🏽

wild_flowersnor_folk What a gorgeous bedroom

wild_flowersnor_folk What a gorgeous bedroom

lauraamcguigan She takes after her mum in the style stakes!

emsj70 What a lovely bedroom 😍

jerrif134 So good to get inspiration for girls bedrooms I have an 8 year old and am struggling slightly, this has given me some great ideas for colours and textures xx

crowns_from_ashes 😆 I used to do the same thing to my room, and my rearranging sessions always seemed to happen in the middle of the night. 🤗

deewatz Lovely!!

bex_queen It's so clean! UK teenagers are better than US ones. 🤣🤣

Posted on 15/05/2019 12:52
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