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Instagram post's at Mount Seymour Provincial Park

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I’ll wait for you, here. Just like you have always waited for me. Photo credit: @micaelccarvalho

1 hour ago
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1 hour ago
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Many ways representing :)

lobashh Mind over mountain @konuko_jodom 😎

konuko_jodom @lobashh and over matter😁

3 hours ago
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Great day hiking and running around Mt. Seymour. Up Dog Mountain, around Suicide Bluffs, on to First Peak and down through Mystery Lake for a swim. #trailrunning

4 hours ago
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Beauty of a day for hike

5 hours ago
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Enjoying the sights and sounds in mommy’s new car πŸš—

westcoastpinot @lokki_the_vizsla right?!πŸ˜πŸ•

lokki_the_vizsla @westcoastpinot the facial expression πŸ™πŸ˜

8 hours ago
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8 hours ago
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teressa_trees Hey,we are running a save the environment campaign. Message me to know how you can help us

11 hours ago
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Our ED @mountainriches aka Sandra and our entire crew here wish everyone an awesome β€œParks Day”! @yourbcparks @parks.canada . β›°πŸŒ²β›° #parksday #bcparks #parkscanada #mountainriches #getinformed #goooutdoors #bcadventuresmart #adventuresmart #mountains #snow #trees #water

12 hours ago
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3273mwilson @mountainriches your backyard...gawd we live in a beautiful province.

mountainriches @3273mwilson .... you’re right, it is my backyard. πŸ€™ #luckyducks

14 hours ago
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Loving forest time with my bestie Bella! We ran like the wind today! #rescuedog #hugabulladvocacyandrescue #pittiemix #adoptdontshop #dogsinthewoods #lifeisgood #secrettrails

potato_and_lily Amazing! 🐢🐢

mainstreetdogcare 🌲❀️😍🐾 Always love my time with Bella, @malbruce, and You!! #bestdogfriends #dogsofyvr #smilingpitbull #dogmodel #beautifulbc #dontbullymybreed #dogsofvancity

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First ride an almost 2 weeks. I think I'm getting better slowly. Now time for resting lol

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I feel like I’m on top of the world! Mount Seymour. 28 of 52 #52hikes #52hikes52weeks

wandertrax @lynnaminn I weep at these videos 😭

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Summer views like this may seem worthwhile to stop at for a breather and chill. However, as my boi Thanos puts it: "Reality is often disappointing"; for shaded areas similar to where this shot was taken is home to swarms upon swarms of flies and mosquitoes. Those assholes exist solely to make the lives of unwary hikers an itching hellstorm of bites and licks. I barely got a chance to take this photo before being overwhelmed by them and forced to move on. Always remember to bring bug spray people. Don't be like me and forget, Every. Single. Time.

itsworthacapture_bc Beautiful vista shot Henry πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

canadian.hiker @itsworthacapture_bc thanks Sasha😁

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Karen & the Raven

pringle.john That raven stole our nuts!

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Hiking with the Smiths

aerialyogaedinburgh I miss that face πŸ€—

lourattray Fantastic! Wish them well from me xx

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